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Where To Shop In Barrie

Barrie boasts many great shopping experiences, from  boutique shops and galleries, design stores, and fashion outlets


From luxury brands to high-end designer items, there are many great luxury shopping experiences to be enjoyed in and around Barrie. And best of all, the city’s many unique shopping experiences combine the charm of a small-town setting with the allure of the kind of high-end retail normally found in places like Toronto and the GTA.

In the heart of downtown Barrie, Dunlop Street offers an eclectic mix of luxury retail boutiques. Here, you’ll find a variety of shops and boutiques offering carefully curated selections of high-end fashion, jewellery, and accessories, often featuring Canadian designers alongside international brands. These plush boutiques offer a more personalized shopping experience, providing not only luxury goods but also exceptional customer service.

Park Place, a sprawling open-air shopping centre, houses several upscale stores for clothing, footwear, and home décor and makes for a fun day of shopping for the whole family.


Unique Luxury Shopping Experiences in Barrie


Are you in search of unique and high-quality food and drink purchases? Then you’re spoiled for choice in Barrie. Popular gourmet food and groceries can be found at locations such as J’adore Fine Cheese and Chocolate and others that offer gourmet foods, artisanal cheeses, luxury chocolates, and sophisticated home furnishings, respectively.

Barrie’s luxury shopping experience also extend to its range of high-end spas, wellness centres, and beauty salons, too. These establishments offer premium beauty and wellness treatments, further enhancing the city’s luxury appeal.

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